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Neuro-otologiska event 2019



28-31 januari 2019 Stockholm

ST kurs yrsel


7-8 mars 2019 Milano

Neurootologic opinions




9-12 april 2019 Malmö

ÖNH dagarna +SNOF event





8-10 juli 2019 Akureyri Island

Aktuellt om sjösjuka & rörelsesjuka



We would like to extend a warm welcome to the first International Congress on Motion Sickness which is to be held
Akureyri, Iceland, July 8th – 10th 2019.

Seafaring has always been an important part of the Icelanders heritage and way of life, from navigating Vikings to the today fishing industry, one of the cornerstones of our economy. However, despite our familiarity with the sea, the burden of sea sickness and accidents at sea have always followed us.

Our congress will focus on recent advances in motion sickness sciences and will include invited plenary lectures, free presentations and poster sessions. This international meeting of those interested in the field, offers an excellent opportunity to exchange information on recent findings and advances in Motion Sickness and its association with accidents.


The theme of the congress, “Survival in a moving environment” emphasizes the importance of integrating and adapting future developments in this field in order to help those who find themselves suffering from the discomforts of motion sickness.
In addition we would like to encourage participants to take time to experience the unique Icelandic nature, as well as attending some of the many cultural events Iceland has to offer.





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